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Shelti Eye 2 Home Pro Electronic Dartboard
Shelti Eye 2 Home Pro Electronic Dartboard
Wheel Of Boxing Boxer Machine

About Us

All Florida Amusements was started in 1990.  All Florida Amusements has grown from 1 machine to well over 2000 machines which are spread throughout nine (9) counties.  All Florida Amusements employs twelve (12) full time and five (5) part time employees. All Florida Amusements has become the largest amusement company in the Tampa Bay Area.  All Florida Amusements services numerous locations from the locally owned bars and taverns to the corporate monsters like Disney,  CICI’s Pizza, AMC, and Muvico.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and the high quality of service that we cater to our clients.  All Florida has four (4) main business objectives which we pride our selves upon, to wit:. 


All Florida Amusements strives to provide you with same day service.  As a rule if we can’t fix your game within 24 hours we will replace it with another machine.  Its simple, a broken game will generate zero money. This is how All Florida Amusements strives to stand above the competitors.  
In order to provide consistency and establish a routine, all locations are collected bi-monthly on designed days.  Typically, the collections will take place by one of our employees to establish confidence and trust. It is our goal to have collections occur approximately the same time on the scheduled day.   We offer computerized metered collections.
Since All Florida Amusements is one of the largest vendors in Tampa Bay area, we purchase more equipment then our competition. We have found that newer equipment will generate the highest revenue while providing the least amount of down time (out of order) than older equipment. That is why we generally will only have a machine on our route for three (3) years.  By doing this, we offer your patrons the absolute latest games possible that many other vendors will not provide.  
During our years in business we found it lucrative to locations if the vending equipment is rotated. In essence this will provide your regulars with a change at their favorite establishment. All Florida Amusements rotates machine to keep the games fresh.  Patrons get tired of playing the same game over and over. Many patrons are familiar with the latest games and have recognition of the new style of the games which entice them to see a new change.   We have found that merely updating a game in the same cabinet does not capture the patrons first glance in the bar to see a new item. In addition, as the collections decrease from time to time on machines, All Florida Amusements will bring in another game to replace it to generate more revenue.  This will allow patrons to return and stay longer in your establishment. 
I hope that this gives you a better understanding of All Florida Amusements and our work ethics. 


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