Bull Shooter Galaxy 3

This soft tip dartboard is constructed with innovative technology that includes a 19'' LCD wide flat screen monitor where you can conveniently select and program game features and options. Choose between single or double bull option, 25/50, or auto or manual player option. The tri-color LED illumination eliminates shadows on the target which can be flipped around from 15'' to 13'' for added playability. These features are housed inside an impact-resistant cabinet and is powered by a 120V AC 50/60 Hz 4.8 A. On top of that, it also includes 6 darts, 500 pieces of 0.25'' plastic soft tips, and a 1 year limited warranty as well! Get the Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Galaxy 3 now!

Prize Vending Option - This unique prize capsule, coupon or prize ticket dispensing boxing machine gives players the joy of boxing, but the game also guarantees the winner a prize ! 

The shape of this cabinet guarantees maximum safety for a player during the game. Bright LED lights attract players to play, play and play!  Kalkomat engineers have followed new trends to make boxers with pleasingly streamlined cabinets, beautiful design and safer player construction. Comes with electronics that are built to last, and produces amazing profits in a wide variety of locations from bars to pubs and many other public areas. Player scores are displayed on the large LED Display Panel, and WOB 
comes with many different voice messages and music

Wheel Of Boxing Boxer Machine

TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, featured in over 71,000 bars and restaurants across North America and Europe. Our network supports a growing portfolio of location-based digital solutions that encourage social interactions through shared experiences. 

We are the in-venue entertainment leader, pushing boundaries and creating growth opportunities for our customers and our locations.  Our innovation story began in 1998 with the release of the world’s first pay-for-play digital jukebox and since then, we have transformed into a multi-application platform offering a variety of engaging and interactive experiences any location can access.

Music is core to the TouchTunes experience and our latest smart jukebox allows the interface to learn from the music most played in a location and adapt over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant.  Our leading mobile app lets users find nearby jukebox locations and control their in-venue music experience from their smartphones.  Since launch, the app has been downloaded over 4 million times.  Also available on the jukebox is our integrated photo booth solution and a first fully licensed commercial karaoke system.  

We are proud of our strong relationships with a network of over 2,500 jukebox operators who install our equipment in local venues and take responsibility for maintenance, promotion, service and support.

TouchTunes is a privately held company, one of only a few able to deliver end-to-end in-venue interactive entertainment solutions, encompassing hardware, software and network operations.

TouchTunes is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Chicago, IL, Montreal, Quebec and London, UK